Seaside Park New Jersey

Seaside Park is 2 Miles of Barrier Island just an hour away from New York or Philadelphia. The Atlantic Ocean and the Barnegat Bay are extremely close together. It's just a short walk to either one of them. Walking is a very popular thing in Seaside Park. There's really no need to drive anywhere with a decent pair of legs underneath you. A boardwalk runs throughout the whole oceanfront and walking & jogging is very popular here. You can even ride bicycles on the 1.8 mile stretch of boardwalk up to 11:00am in the Summer Season. Once the Summer Season is over the town goes quiet. You can ride a bicycle anytime on the boardwalk. Riding bicycles is also very popular on the roomy roads along the bayfront, oceanfront and side streets.

For those who love to go to the beach, you're in for a treat. Getting to the beach is easy once in Seaside Park. Just walk there, that's all there is to it. Anywhere in Seaside the beach can be reached in a few minutes. On a summer day, you'll see tons of families walking up to the beach with all their stuff. Seaside Park is a family town. It is a summer resort for families that live in the cities. Many families own a summer home here and there is also quite a bit of Rentals for families too. The New Jersey Coastline is well known for lots of fun and memories to be had, a very friendly atmosphere. The Jersey Shore is a great place to get away from it all. The Barnegat Bay and Seaside Park's bayfront is a host for many activities. There are two fishing and crabbing piers that go out into the bay quite far and produce decent results for catches. There's Seaside Park Yacht Club with sailing races during summer. A very elite clubhouse fills up during summer (you have to be a member). Sailing, Boating, Waterskiing, Windsurfing, Fishing & Crabbing are very popular here in the very large Barnegat Bay. The bay is a world in itself for some that come to Seaside Park.

At the very north end of Seaside Park the boardwalk heads you into a world of summertime fun. You have Seaside Park Funtown Pier with Amusements, Seaside Heights Casino Pier, lots of stands where you can win just about anything. There are so many things you can do up there on the "Boardwalk" (as the Kids call it). Kids can be seen carrying stuffed animals all over the place. The "Boardwalk" contains about mile and a half of consessions and Amusements. Only a quarter mile of the "Boardwalk" is Seaside Park. Most of it is Seaside Heights. You can win just about anything up there, believe us. Lots to eat too!

• Swimming
• Surfing
• Fishing
• Crabbing
• Relaxing
• Tanning

• Breathtaking Sunsets
• Shopping
• Seaside's Amusement Parks
• Waterworks Waterpark
• Wind Surfing
• Water Skiing
• Boating
• Sailing
• Kite Flying
• Restaurants Galore
• Atlantic City (1 hour away)
Things to do when in Seaside Park
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Located at the Jersey Shore's Family Resort Seaside Park